Corporate Information


Operation efficiency improvement

Efforts to operational efficiency improvement

In an effort to improve the efficiency of business deal with customers and to share information, we now pursue to establish EDI system environment. With the business deal through EDI, we can reinforce the management base for both TOCOS and our customers.

With a speedy communication and a paperless environment created by EDI, we work on operational efficiency improvements. As a result, material procurement and sales staff will be liberated from regular routines and they can concentrate on their primary work.

With the Internet environment (PC and laser printer are all we need), it is much easier to start EDI and no other equipment is needed. Transaction data in text format can easily be downloaded and easy to rewrite the data for further effective use.

Paper-based communication will not be needed and will help to promote efficient operation and to reduce costs. Focusing on these advantages, we will proceed further with establishment of EDI system.