Corporate Information



Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd. was established and started its operation in 1957 as an electronic components manufacturer specializing in quality variable resistors for industrial applications. Since then, we continuously have expanded the product lineup of variable resistors (potentiometers), and in 1976 we started mass production of angle sensors as automotive electrical components, and in 2016 we began production of automotive film heaters installed in preventive safety support device.

Through the diversification of such manufacturing product, we have grown along with the development of electronics industry in the field of electronic equipment, transportation equipment, industrial equipment, machinery and others. Based on our manufacturing technology of variable resistor, we have expanded our business scale to peripheral technologies and product areas, and have been working on innovation of nanotechnology, ultraprecision press mold technology, angle sensor technology, assembly with cutting-edge technology in order to respond to customers' various needs. Also, we have established supply chain management that responds to changes in the global business environment and have worked on improving product performance, improving quality, and making sure of the committed delivery date. We will continue to aim for further advancement in the electronics industry as a professional of angle sensors, film heaters and variable resistors. Regarding environmental initiatives, we will continue to develop company-wide exercise, including environmentally friendly design and resource consumption control through an appropriate inventory control. We are also planning to establish a basic policy on corporate governance codes and internal control systems to create an organization with high transparency, and trust and contribute to the development of society as a good corporate citizen.

Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd.
Representative Director President Yoshiki IWASAKI