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Address R&D

In order for producing products meeting various customers’ needs, TOCOS develops a positive consciousness of our corporate motto “Think and Create” and pursue R&D based on accumulated technologies.
As to our main products (potentiometers, trimmer potentiometers), demands for downsizing and longer rotational life have always been in the market.
Working on the development of ink (resistive paste) which plays a key role for printing resistive element, we continuously address engineering development as well as R&D to conduct functional improvement in engineering resource.
For automotive applications, not only resistive element, wipers are one of the most important components and the shape and the material properties are to be characterized as an important research terms.
Integrating hardware and software technologies into all products, we address various themes like improving the high-accuracy and the efficiency in design through CAD and computing structure analysis including material, manufacturing process, geometric design.