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TOCOS Compact Non-contact Angular Sensor RSM12


Kanagawa, Japan-Oct. 2005-- Tokyo Cosmos Elec.
announces the release of the compact non-contact angular sensor RSM12
TOCOS announces the release of the low-profile board mount type compact non-contact angular sensor designed by TOCOS own developed magnet circuit design Hall IC is used as a detecting component.
There are three types (A, B, C) of Hall ICs and choosing individual Hall IC types, requirements of low-cost, temperature range, rotational angle and output voltage range are optionally available.

1.Life Expectancy: High    Noise: No sliding noise.
2. Size: 12mm (w) x 14mm(l) x 5mm(h) Board mount compact non-contacting angular sensor
3.Effective electrical angle: 120°(±60°)  
4. Hollow shaft (Shaft insertable from both sides)
5. Choices of Hall ICs (A,B,C): Different type of Hall IC is optionally available upon customers requirements.

◆ Angular sensor for automotive applications
◆ Game machines

  • Office automation equipment.

◆ Actuators
◆ Valve close/open position sensor
◆ For other various applications where angular sensing and higher life
NCSG R&D Div. Non-contact sensor project
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