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TOCOS Low Profile, Compact Non-contact Angle Sensor RSM011

Kanagawa, Japan-March 2009-- Tokyo Cosmos Elec. introduces the low profile, compact
non-contact angle sensor RSM011.

Engineering sample supply: Start in April 2009


TOCOS has been focusing on research and development of magnetic non-contact angle sensors for many years. In addition to detection in environmentally stable angle and absolute position, TOCOS has succeeded to develop angle sensors that are resistant to dither input, temperatures, vibration and other environmental factors.

TOCOS own developed magnet circuit design enables the sensors to be resistant to the external environment. The thickness of outward dimensions of RSM011 has been reduced, similar to the existing contact angle sensors (screw mount type) RPA011 that acquire a good reputation from users worldwide.

ICs used in the sensors are subject to programming before shipping and are designed to meet, not only angle detection of  90°for valve opening/closing but also every detecting angles from narrow to wide as standard specs.

Low impedance allows the load resistance to lower. Because of having no sliding electrical contacts in the sensors, wear of contacts produced by dither movements or contacting problems caused by siloxane will be eliminated and lead to highly reliable and durable sensors supply.

The sensors with built-in magnetic shield structure is well-thought-out for reducing influence by the external magnetic field and can be used in environment with magnetic noise close to motors. Sensors are customizable.

・No sliding electrical contacts. Long life. Resistant to dither movements.
・No contacting problems caused by siloxane
・Low impedance allows the load resistance to lower
・Low profile 11mm (from mounting surface to the top)
・Meet wide range detection angles
・Shafts insertable from both sides (Hollow shaft)

・Angle/position sensor for electrical control equipment of automotive, agricultural machineries, snow mobiles, marine vessels. ・Game machines ・Office automation equipment.
・Valve close/open position sensor
・For other various applications where angle sensing with high reliability and longer life are required.


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